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About Us

About Us
Our company is engaged in thin layers metal plating conducting and non-conducting materials, especially plastic mouldings.

This technology is suitable for electromagnetic interference elimination of products (our specialization), for improvement of appearance of products (headlights, costume jewellery, cosmetics containers and caps, mirrors and pottery) and for more applications. Distinct advantage of our technology of metal plating is practically waste-less process which is environmental friendly. With respect to the fact that no chemical solution is needed for this type of metal treatment it is possible to meet even most strict environmental limits.

Our technology of metal plating is based on long lasting practicall experiences of Mr. Jiri Kubenka (www.naprasovani.cz) gained in the research and development technological centre of Tesla Lanskroun company.

Thanks to wide knowledge of chemistry, electronics, sensorics and other subjects we are able to carry on our services on the top level.
Research and special jig application used for metal plating of sophisticated and demanding lots is part of our service. We are able economically produce even single unit orders.

Sputtering, metal plating, vacuum plating , TFT, electroplated